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Host a Two Birds Workshop

Are you interested in hosting a one day writing workshop with Mary and Karen?

Here's what we'd need to make it happen:
  • A comfortable space (a church? a coffee shop? Someone's home?)
    • It would need to be accessible and have places for people to gather, sit, and write.
  • Some ideas about lunch.
    • We can make arrangements for catering if you can give us some recommendations.
    • We are also open to other arrangements including brown bagging or potluck provided by attendees.
  • Publicity
    • You would spread the word in your community by hanging fliers (which we would provide) and inviting folks you think would be interested.
    • We'd need a minimum of 8-15 paying guests (minimum number depends on how far Mary and Karen have to travel) to make it happen. (Prices contingent upon the arrangements. If the venue and/or lunch is free, the price per person would be lower.)
Host/s would receive free admission to the workshop. We can accommodate up to 2 hosts per workshop.

Email to Mary and Karen with your ideas and we'll see if we can work something out.

Topics of past workshops have included:

  • Writing as a Practice
  • Poetic Short Forms
  • Personal Writing and Autobiography
We are always open to new ideas.

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